Oral Microbiota in Mouth-Breathing Patient


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In this study, the levels of Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Spp. in the saliva of the patients enrolled were evaluated. The stimulated salivary flow, the saliva buffering power and the Silness-Loe plaque index were also analyzed. All data were compared with a group of oral non-respiratory patients (control group). The protocol included a group of twenty oral respiratory patients (test group) and a control group of twenty non-oral respiratory patients (control group).

The two groups were homogeneous by age (10-14 years) and sex. This study was approved by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIC), following the principles of Helsinki for human experimentation. The salivary samples were analyzed by CRT® bacteria (Ivoclar Vivadent Clinical, Schaan, Liechtenstein). The CRT® bacteria was employed for the bacterial count, as previously published.

CRT® bacteria was used to determine the S. mutans and Lactobacilli count in saliva by means of selective culture media. The dentist and skilled personnel professionally conduct the test. Findings of 105 CFU or more of Lactobacilli and S. mutans per ml saliva indicate a high caries risk. Leaving the test vial inside an incubator for an additional day or two does not influence the number of CFUs. The preparation of samples and incubation were carried out according to the step-by-step procedure as it was described in its instruction brochure. This test only determines whether or not S. mutans are present in dental saliva.

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