Polymer-Based Drug


Recent advances in polymer chemistry have enabled the preparation of novel functional polymers and smart nanostructured materials. These synthetic polymeric materials have made an enormous impact on numerous biomedical applications, and have the potential to address significant challenges in the efficient delivery of drugs, RNA, DNA, enzymes, and proteins. Ultimately, they may improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases.
This Research Topic aims to highlight high-quality original research and review articles covering new polymer synthesis strategies and cutting-edge characterization techniques that make significant contributions to the field of drug and gene delivery. In particular, this Research Topic will feature new developments in macromolecular chemistry and functional polymers including:
 • new controlled radical polymerization
 • emulsion polymerization
 • self-assembly and polymerization-induced self-assembly (PISA)
 • polymer-drug conjugation
 • stimuli-responsive polymers
 • antimicrobial polymers
 • sequence-controlled block copolymers
 • aggregation-induced emission (AIE) polymers
 • multifunctional nanoparticles
 • functional dendrimers
 • degradable hydrogels

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