Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology Would Like To Share Its 10 Year Success Story with Its Readers


The “ Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology” has effectively finished its ten volumes and going into the eleventh by 2020. On this event, we heartily welcome researchers, academicians, students and research scholars to disseminate their explorations and discoveries as Research articles, Case reports, Reviews, Perspectives, Short editorials and so on., via this Journal to avail top tier services. 

The journal has taken solid goals to serve its readers and writers by incorporating the top class publicizing methodologies to promote the writer's insightful, perceivable and intelligible thoughts. 

Having set up in the year 2010, "Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology" accomplished great readership and respect from the logical social orders. Being one of the upcoming diaries of OMICS bunch, it is endeavouring hard to check its reality in this exceptionally focused world by distributing the latest advancements in fields including Nervous system, Neurology, Neurobiology, Psychology, Neuro-anatomy and Electrophysiology. We are respected to have the best publication board as our spine that consistently energizes new thoughts from creators and stretch their assistance to give recommendations to them. 

We are happy to present a portion of our editors who have been mapping headings for the best acknowledgment of the journal. Our whole editorial team maintains high accuracy in every work dose and is headed by our honourable Editor-in-Chief “Dr. Robert Perna” who is the Director of Westside Neurorehabilitation Services, Lewiston, England. He has directed multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation programs for over a decade, and has done research on brain injury rehabilitation, neurodevelopment, pharmacology and brain injury treatment. He reviews articles for several peer reviewed journals and enjoys helping researchers prepare their best work. He keeps his remarkable Research interests in the fields of brain injury, rehabilitation, neurodevelopment, pharmacology.

Our Executive Editors, Vasiliki E Kalodimou and Espinosa PS, inspite of holding the positions of Director of IASO Maternity & Research Hospital at Greece and Associate Professor, International Centre for Neuroscience, USA, their services are accountable towards the functionality of the journal. Their guidance runs our editorial team to provide best in class service to our authors. 

We are also proud to receive services from editors like Michael F Waters, the Director for the Department of Neurology at University of Florida; Celia H Chang, Professor at the Department of Neurology in University of California; Xiang Deng Han, Associate professor at Department of Neurology in Northwestern University, USA; William J Triggs, Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at University of Florida, USA; Maromi Nei, the Associate Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University USA; etc.

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