Research on Groundwater Potential Zones in Devalapura Sub Watershed Mysuru District


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Gist of the study:

As the demand and needs of the population towards water is growing, the value of water is felt in all sectors. At the same time, because of less rainfall surface water resources are becoming insufficient to fulfil the water demand. There is a need of systematic planning of ground water improvement using modern techniques and there is a need to demarcate groundwater potential area for the proper management and utilization of water. Groundwater

Resources have not yet been properly exploited. Keeping this in view, the present study has been undertaken to delineate the ground water potential zone in Devalapura sub watershed area using RS and GIS approach. An integrated study using thematic maps of geology, geomorphology, soil, slope, land use/land cover and drainage density were used in the present study. Ground water potential zones have been demarcated by ARC GIS Software. Finally, four groundwater potential zones were delineated viz., very good, good, moderate and poor. From the present study it was concluded that, demarcation of groundwater potential zones are useful for effective recognition of suitable locations for extraction of ground water and better planning and management.

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