The Technological Study to Improve Calcium Absorption of Eggshell

Image Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry has been recently launched an article related to the Calcium Absorption of the Egg Shell.   About  110  billion  tons  of  eggshells  are  produced  globally  and  the  ultimate  destination  is  the  landfills,  waste utilization and these eggshells are rich source of minerals especially calcium. Calcium carbonate comprises more than 90% by weight of an eggshell [1]. The main purpose of the study to determine an appropriate condition and process fo... Read More

Food and Bioprocess Technology

Image Journal of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques focuses in the area of Bioprocess & Bioengineering, Food and Bioprocess Technology, Immobilization Biotechnology, Bioprocessing such as downstream, up-stream processing, bio reactors etc. The journal covers all basic areas in chemical engineering including Biotechniques, Industrial Bioprocess... Read More