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Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (ISSN: 2161-0444) is a monthly, multidisciplinary journal based on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting, excellent, attracting and high quality research with respect to the subjects of Medicinal Chemistry. Secondly, to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing and to disseminate the articles freely for research, teaching and reference purposes. The Medicinal and Chemistry section publishes pioneering research across all aspects of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery science. It covers a broad range of topics including drug design and optimization, Chemistry, Chemical Biology of Molecules, Chemical Pharmacology, Medicinal Biochemistry.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Research covers various aspects Chemistry, Pharmacoanalysis and the chemical analysis of compounds in the form of like small organic molecules such as insulin glargine, erythropoietin, and others. It also helps in developing new chemical entities from existing compounds that are of medicinal and therapeutic effect. The process involves seclusion and identification of the entities and their probable effect on the specific target and might include a computational or synthetic observation of the underlying agents.
Every article submitted to the journal is subjected to strict plagiarism check through our double check process involving software and manual checking. Once article passes through this step, articles are subjected to editorial review for scope, relevance and other standard requirements. Peer review is the major quality maintenance measure for any academic journal. In this process, experts in the relevant fields analyze the scholarly work from every perspective, including its writing, the accuracy of its technical content, its documentation, and its impact on and significance to the discipline. This scientific journal aspires to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc.
The journal is extremely privileged to have eminent people as Editorial Board Members. It is our Honour to introduce one of our Editorial Board Member who constantly been so supportive in this Journey.
One of our very well-known Editorial Board Member is Dr. Derong Ding. Dr. Derong Ding obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Chinese Academy of Science in 2005. Then he took the postdoctoral research in the University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Kentucky and Indiana University. Now He is appointed as research scientist at the department of chemistry and biochemistry, University of Notre Dame. His present research is about design and synthesis of antimicrobial agents. His previous research have been published in some famous journals such as Angewandte Chemie International Edition and Nature Communications. He is also the professional reviewers for some reputed journals about organic and medical chemistry.
(1).Medicinal chemistry. The main research involves the development of antimicrobial and anticancer agents through rational design and chemical synthesis.
(2).Organic chemistry including organic synthesis and synthetic methodology.

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